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Time for the soft launch…mostly on time.

Posted by matt on May 29th, 2011 at 10:11 pm

So we’re up and running on schedule. Mostly.

Frankly, the 64-day deadline we gave ourselves wasn’t based in any sort of reality, but it looked pretty good on the Javascript countdown clock we put on the front page. With that said, we’re confident we can now reveal some of our service offerings even if the index page isn’t finished.

One such project is the CWIP – Corporate Web Identity Package. It’s part reputation management, part organic SEO, part “account normalization,” and all aimed at businesses that want to get their web-based listings and accounts in order. Imagine for a second that you, as a new small business, are looking to both increase your web exposure to potential customers and create an authoritative presence online. You could manually register between 20 and 100 accounts on webmail services, social networks, service directories, and search engines; worry about which email account you used for each one; and wonder if all of them talk to each other properly.

Or you could call us. We not only automate the process to save you hours of work, but we also structure the links between accounts to maximize online security and customer confidence. Think of CWIP as scaffolding for your online identity. If you’re interested, drop us a line or read the whitepaper.

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